MDS (Managed Document Services)

We believe in providing our clients the best possible level of services at Value for Money. This ideology is reflected perfectly in our Managed Document Services - where we not only provide free printers but also take care of the installation, maintenance, consumables, cartridges etc. The client is only charged based on the number of prints or photocopies consumed.

We provide Printers and MFD's on rental basis - this includes basic printers, high speed printers, network printers, colour printers, high end copier-based MFD's, Scanners, etc.

This concept is very popular with many of our Corporate Clients as it saves them having to invest in new machines or bother about its maintenance, consumables etc.

Per Print Rate is so low, it makes perfect sense to opt for this! To top it all, our team of Qualified Engineers is extending ongoing support of calibration of the devices that are used for Managed Document Services.

Why should you consider Faxonics - Managed Document Services?

Major benefits for your Businesses
  • Choose Faxonics - Using World Class Office Automation Equipments - We ARE Experts - that are constantly delivering Outstanding Reputation for Quality Products and Services as PROMISED - being your TRUSTED Partner in fostering long term Customer Relationship
  • Synchronized Approach - for your business needs - A single partner for the Scan/Input & print/output, delivering on a single print strategy
  • No Capital Investment - use your cash-flow to enhance your business!
  • Hassle Free - Service support - No more annual maintenance and on call services required
  • No Consumables Replenishments! - No cost negation and procurement hassles for consumables replenishments! It is already provided
  • Automated Copy counter - No hassles on maintaining logs as it is automated and secured
  • Customized Solution, with options to adjust (increase / decrease) support requirement as per business needs.
  • Faxonics MDS, including greater security, smaller Physical And Carbon Footprints
  • In-house IT support not required - your IT Team is leveraged to be used for core business requirement than troubleshooting office equipments

Please contact us on Email: or call 91(22) 2262 5566 for further details to present you with various options that can be tailored for your requirement.