10 Reasons why your business needs video survelliance

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Video surveillance is a controversial topic, especially with the way privacy issues are looming over our heads. At the same time, the importance of surveillance in business cannot be understated in the current social climate as its fundamentally important to ensure the overall safety of your possessions and the individuals working for you. As a business, it is justifiable to worry about the physical health of your employees and your office property, especially if you have a small or medium-scale outfit.

CCTV monitoring is one of the most common forms of surveillance available today. There are more than 25 million operational CCTV cameras globally, and experts believe that around 67% of the burglaries taking place in businesses could be avoided by installing real-time security measures such as CCTV monitoring.

CCTV Monitoring and Video Surveillance at Workplace – The Basics

Whether your business consists of commercial properties such as office buildings or retail outlets, a careful consideration of integrated and expansive security solutions is a must. Cameras equipped with CCTVs are not only easy to maintain and conspicuous in their absence from the public eye but are also much more cost-effective than many other security solutions. CCTV cameras can be placed in a location of your own choosing, and do not require extensive modifications to your existing infrastructure. While there are many CCTV camera systems you can choose from, some of the main things to keep in mind include the resolution, sharpness, angle of coverage, and availability of Infrared (for night time), amongst others. It is also important to understand that although CCTV cameras are primarily installed for video surveillance and to discourage thieves and other criminal activity, they can also help to improve the efficiency and productivity level of your employees.

At the same time, while there are many advantages of installing video surveillance systems, you need to consider the existing surveillance laws in your state and country before implementing a CCTV monitoring system throughout your business premise. Privacy violation is a capital concern in these times, and any misuse can land you in court, or worse still, hamper your brand’s public image. So make sure you consider all the aspects of installing CCTV cameras while keeping an eye to federal laws.

10 Reasons Businesses Should Opt for CCTV Monitoring

CCTV or closed-circuit television cameras use advanced technology and recording processes in order to allow businesses to lower their costs while protecting their assets. There are a variety of benefits businesses can avail by installing a video surveillance system, including –

1. Prevent and Reduce Chances of Theft

2. Real-time Video Surveillance

3. Useful Criminal Evidence

4. Better Employee Productivity

5. Put a Stop to Sexual Harassment

6. Resolve Internal Business Disputes

7. Improve Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

8. Cut Down Security-related Costs

9. Monitor High-risk Areas

10. Fool-proof Coverage

A well-designed and efficient CCTV infrastructure placement within your business premise can provide 100% security coverage. Multiple cameras work together to provide a security mesh which can easily be tracked from a single command center. This way, you can keep an eye on the vulnerable areas while ensuring the safety of people under your employ. CCTV monitoring also prevents human-errors from ever hampering your security measures, thereby laying a strong case for installing them as soon as possible.