Smart Classroom Solutions

Benefits of Smart Classroom

  • Interesting and interactive classroom with visual learning
  • Improve student engagement
  • Quality education to students and enhance their performance
  • Better concept formation and elaboration
  • Improvement in reading skills and academic achievement
  • Makes learning fun and exciting for the students.
  • Easy to use solution for teachers | Easy to explain the concept again
  • More productivity in delivering lessons | More interactivity between teachers and students

Key Features

  • Uses latest Optical Technology for interactivity
  •  Writing experience is very seamless and close to real time
  • Automatic as well as manual calibration is provided
  • Simultaneous 40 touch points – improves writing efficiency in the multi user environment
  •  Ceramic board provided with the interactive device is scratch proof and cannot be damaged.
  • Advanced and user-friendly software which has many intuitive features for classroom teaching such as Geometric tools, inbuilt library, My Cloud feature etc.
  • All the small components of Smart classroom can be kept in the Wall mount lockable cabinet which makes the solution secure and robust for classroom usage

Interactive Software Features

Powerful Bundled Solution

Fun Learning for students

Classroom Companion

Hundreds of versatile tools

Problem of Traditional Teaching Methods

  • Traditional approach of book-based education to students has lost its effectiveness.
  • Getting each student to focus is difficult
  • Lack of practical awareness
  • Controlling and tracking student’s activity and performance
  • Bringing a common platform to guide, teach, track and impart knowledge to students and an understanding between the teachers and students

How Smart Classrooms Solve These Problems

  • By Smart Classrooms- Teaching, training, presentations and assessments become easy. 
  • It brings an interactive platform which is fully informative and personalized.
  • Students and teachers can interact for face-to-face discussion.
  • Teaching methodology and classroom observations become trouble-free.
  • Latest technology and learning practices are on a single platform.