10 Reasons why your business needs video survelliance

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Preventive Maintenance

What is it?

Preventive maintenance is defined as taking precautionary steps or actions to prevent equipment failures before they actually occur. Preventive maintenance typically involves routine inspections, upgrades, proper lubrication (where applicable), adjustments, and replacement of outdated equipment or parts.

Preventive maintenance can be implemented in many areas of your business, and includes any preventive action, such as changing water filters, regularly cleaning essential equipment (such as refrigerator condenser coils), inspecting business vehicles (i.e. delivery vans), and checking grout and caulking to protect a property against water damage.

The preventive maintenance you perform, of course, will be specific to your business, and should always involve close inspection of your biggest assets, or the most valuable equipment for daily operations.


A few benefits of preventive maintenance include:

Minimized downtime and business closures due to unexpected equipment failures – This will help you avoid financial loss, and protect your bottom line.

Increased life expectancy of essential equipment and assets – Inspecting, updating, and caring for your business’s assets will result in less money spent on new equipment in the long run.

Decreased energy consumption for your business’s assets – When equipment runs optimally, less energy is required, which means lower utility bills for your business.